For centuries Wrought Iron has been used and today, wrought iron is used in furniture, gates, balustrading, candleabras, handrails, wine racks and much more. When it comes to wrought iron, as it’s texture can be slightly coarse, it can sometimes get dusty or dirty.
With that, when it comes to cleaning wrought iron, it can be done with only just a few materials.

Here are some steps in learning how to clean wrought iron:

1. Fill a bucket or spray bottle with warm water. For a large item, use a bucket to clean the wrought iron. If it’s a smaller item, you can opt use a spray bottle which would be better and more useful to clean with.
2. Wipe the wrought iron in a circular motion, working in small sections at a time, removing all excess dirt or dust.

3. Once you have finished empty your bucket or spray bottle when finished. Rinse and re-fill with clean water.

4. Rinse the sponge or cloth thoroughly.

5. Now wipe down the wrought iron again this time with clean water. Make sure that you rinse the sponge or cloth frequently. If however, you are washing wrought iron outdoors, it may be easiest to rinse with a water hose.

6. Finally, allow the wrought iron to dry completely. Outdoor items such as wrought iron gates etc may be left to dry in the sun. On the other hand Indoor wrought iron items should be wiped with a clean, dry cloth to remove any excess moisture.


  1. Jane Reply

    My wrought iron staircase was fitted and installed the other week and I cannot begin to explain to you the feeling I had when I walked through my front door. I couldn’t stop staring at my wrought iron balustrading! I cannot wait to complete the rest of my home. This has definitely enhanced my home. It’s elegant, impressive and well made. I’m glad that I have engaged MMT to custom make my wrought iron balustrading. Thank you!

  2. Gabrielle Reply

    Hi MMT. I have had my beautiful and elegant wrought iron balustrading for a week now, and wanted to let you that we absolutely love it. I cannot thank you enough for the detail and work that has been put into our custom wrought iron balustrading. It has been done with exceptional craftsmanship and my husband and I are very pleased. We will certainly let everyone know.

  3. James Reply

    Anyone building a home like us or just wanting to change there wrought iron gate, I can tell you this is one decision you will never regret. Our wrought iron gate makes a great statement about our home. To us they are like a shining star on top of your Christmas tree. I truly feel you can’t find a better gate that is custom made wrought iron and along with that great people to deal with. Thank you MMT Wrought Iron for doing an amazing job and we really appreciate all the work done. You went above and beyond and we are very happy with out new wrought iron gate.

  4. Jeff Reply

    Thank you MMT Wrought Iron. I appreciate your answering all my MANY questions, enduring multiple visits to make up my mind, and your team went above and beyond in answering my husband’s specific questions on wrought iron gates and made me very confident that everyone knew what they were doing – as you also assured me. Definitely MMT has great customer service and I have already recommended you to several people.

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